Hamish MacDonald

Hamish MacDonald  - F34 Shot

Hamish is a Para athletics class F34 athlete, a seated cerebral palsy (or similar) class.

Hamish is one of Australia's longest serving and most respected athletes, a 6 time Paralympican.  He began his Paralympic journey in 1992 in Barcelona as a sprinter.  He moved across to throwing in 1994 and started on his medal winning campaign.     

Hamish worked with Alison from 2003 - 2011 improving his Shot from 10.69m to 11.19m. He was the  F34 Shot World Record holder from 2002 to 2011,   and the first F34 male athlete to throw over 10m  and 11m. 

Hamish's major athletics achievements (most recent first) include:

2012 London Paralympic Games 11th Place (F34 Shot) - 10.34m

2011 IPC Athletics World Champs, Christchurch NZ  6th Place (F34 Shot) - 10.18m

2010 Commonwealth Games, Delhi India Bronze medallist (F32/34/52Shot) -  9.79m

2008  Beijing Paralympic Games 6th place (F34 Shot) - 10.82m

2006 IPC Athletics World Champs, Assen Holland 6th place,  (F33-34 Discus) - 30.75m

2006 IPC Athletics World Champs, Assen Holland Gold medallist,  (F34 Shot) - 10.52m

2004 Athens Paralympic Games 6th place (F33-34 Discus) - 29.23m

2004 Athens Paralympic Games Silver medallist (F33-34 Shot) - 11.19m World Record

2002  IPC Athletics World Champs,  Lille France - 8th place (F33-34 Discus) - 26.98m

2002  IPC Athletics World Champs,  Lille France - Gold medallist (F34 Shot) - 10.69m World Record

2000 Syndey Paralympic Games -  4th Place (F33-34 Discus) - 29.23m

1998 Atlanta Paralympic Games -  Bronze medallist (F34 Shot) - 9.06m

1996 Barcelona Paralympic Games  - 4th Place (F33-34 Discus) - 27.36m

1996 Barcelona Paralympic Games  - Gold medallist (F33-34 Shot) - 10.45m

Hamish retired in 2013. 

More information on Hamish can be found here.